A day by the water falls

This was one of those perfect days which was unplanned and unpredictable.
A lazy sunday afternoon where you want to be out of the house – but dont know where to go. So we hop into our car and then just go for a long drive and take a few turns and find ourselves at the Minnehaha Falls. This place is in the heart of the city and very very beautiful – just like 15 mins from our house! So – not really a long drive huh 😉

As soon as you reach here – you want to be a part of this place. You either start walking along the trail or just just stand still and admire the beauty of this fall. If you remember to take your camera or are lucky to have your camera with you – you will keep clicking….By the time we finished walking the trail and took photos from all angles possible…we realised this should be done more often and no matter how long you have lived in the city – if you begin to see it like a tourist, you’ll see it in a new light!

Interestingly Minnehaha Falls has a meaning to its name, I just came across it on the famous Wikipedia and here it is… While the name is often translated as “Laughing Water”, the correct translation is “curling water” or “waterfall”. The name comes from the Dakota language elements mni, meaning water, and ȟaȟa, meaning waterfall.[1][2] Thus the expression “Minnehaha Falls” translates as “Waterfall Falls”. (thats our learning for the day! 😀)

Carpe Diem!


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