Cave Point is a BEAUTY – you gotta see it to believe it.

This place is so so scenic and natural, untouched with any iota of artificiality. You want to take some timeout from all that’s happening around – Go there!!! You wont regret it a bit. The surroundings are so much at harmony with each other. Water, Rocks, Trees, Sunshine, Rain – this place offered everything it had when we went there… and all for free – unconditionally free (With this economy – anything free is Good — but this was BEAUTIFUL). I love finding and visiting these place which are on their own and worth a find and they leave an impression of their being for a lifetime.This is exactly how I’d describe Cave Point (Door County, WI)

It offers one of the best views (I must admit that I have not seen the others) of Lake Michigan.This place can be missed very easily as it is not much talked about – it was suggested to us by a cashier at a local gas station in Door County, WI. We went with the suggestion and followed all the directions we were given to see this AMAZING PLACE!!!! It made our labor day vacation a real memorable one.

Carpe Diem!


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