Wicked Brownie

when working night shifts – it’s a given that hunger will strike at hours that are odd/ungodly…but hunger has to be fed!!! Our building cafe closes by midnight and we had to go all the way to another bldg to get something to eat. It was a coffee shop and the only thing they had at the hours we were hungry was wicked brownie. They actually serve it on a plate – with a slice of brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on its side and chocolate fudge going all across the plate – binding the brownie and ice cream. Well when we ordered it for a take away – they use to layer it for us in a glass for easy take away :).  Just the fact that they use to layer it for take away – made me fall in love with this desert. The ice cream and brownie layered were DELICIOUS. This is such an easy desert to make and it is a guest pleaser – Here is the recipe….

I took the fudge brownie recipe from Martha Stewart’s website – Here is the link for the same. http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/223905/espresso-fudge-brownies. I halved the recipe and it gave me good 6 glasses of dessert plus some to eat all by itself. 🙂

When the brownies are ready – I let it cool for a while and then layered it vanilla ice cream. I crushed a few cookies and used it as a topping :).